November 20, 2015

My Real Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just lingers on and on and you are absolutely miserable? Well, that was what this past week has been for me. School got extremely busy, with tests, projects, essays, and labs in every class. It's junior year and it is going to be difficult, I know. Every time I go out and someone asks me what grade I am in and I respond "junior", looks of sympathy flash on their face and they always talk about how it's a tough year. It's actually kind of funny that everyone has the same reaction. What I am trying to say is that this is just one year and I need to power through and deal to get my grades up as a high as possible by the time I start applying to colleges next year. So, in the wise words of Taylor Swift "shake it off"!

I honestly felt so guilty about the lack of posts this week and the mediocre content I put up. There is nothing I love more than blogging, but I would be crazy if I did not admit that it can become stressful at points. This week was sort of a learning experience for both my school life and blog life. I realized that it is okay if I miss a day or two of posts here and there, because school does come first. Compromising the quality of posts that I produce for content is not something that I want to do, so if there are ever days that no post goes up just blame it one junior year :) Last night, I had a blogging breakthrough and drafted a ton of posts (including gift guides for every monday until christmas), so I am beyond happy to have quality content coming your way soon! Although my week was pretty horrible, I put my school work first and have seen it pay off. I put a ton of time into studying for my Econ test and did well which was such a relief. Also, I have an in class essay for AP Lang today- fingers crossed for that one!

I apologize for not having up the typical friday favorites post this week, but I failed in the social media department as well and honestly did not have anything worth sharing. This was somewhat of a rant post, but I thought I should explain my absences and get a little bit more personal with you. Yes, I could share old pictures or snap a random one, but that is not "real". People have been taking about the "perfect" lives everyone tries to depict on social media, and I completely agree. We all have bad days where we rock our favorite sweat pants and dad's old sweatshirt and stay up way too late doing work, but would anyone post that? No. I think everyone is way to caught up with their Instagram "themes" and false portrayal of their lives. So there was that little rant. I am so excited for the weekend and a fresh start next week! I have a feeling that it is going to be a great one between Thanksgiving and my birthday!


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. Catherine, hope this isn't creepy but I a 56 year old mom who loves your blog!!! I love the preppy look(even at my age (LOL) and you have such great taste and style too! Also your such a charming young woman and it is delightful to see that there are still some lovely young ladies in this crazy world. Look forward to your future posts and enjoying your high school life and activities and travels as well! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and kick back some too! Lori