November 12, 2015

Current Favorite Shows

After having my Netflix account for so many years, I have pretty much seen all the best shows available on it. I love TV shows because they are less of a time commitment than a movie and you can prolong them as there are so many seasons. Right now I am primarily watching three different shows and I thought that I would share my favorites! 

+The Good Wife
I have been dying to watch the Good Wife for ages now, however it is not available on Netflix. A few weeks ago, Julianna told me that all seven seasons are available On Demand if you have comcast! I have been binge watching this for the past week and am completely hooked. The show follows defense attorney, Alicia Florrick. Her husband, the state's attorney was put in jail for political corruption and sex scandals. I highly recommend this show and guarantee you will be automatically hooked! 

+Jane the Virgin
This show is definitely very different than the Good Wife, but it's absolutely hilarious. Last year it won a golden globe for best actress performance in a television series. The protagonist, Jane is a twenty three year old in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Michael. She is accidentally artificially inseminated and decides to have the baby. Thus, a love triangle forms when she falls for the baby's father, Rafael. This light comedy will have you cracking up and routing for Jane in her crazy journey! 

This a brand new show this year and is off to a great start! It is very similar to Shonda's shows and the plot line is extremely captivating. This show follows FBI special agent recruits. You think that you know everyone, until there is a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station and one of the agents is responsible. This twisty and adventurous show will have you on the edge of your seat! 

Do you watch any of these shows?

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  1. I am watching Jane the Virgin too! Love that show! I still not decided if i am team Rafael or Michael!