September 26, 2016

What's in My Pencil Case

I love reading what's in my bag posts, so I thought it would be fun to do a back to school spin off of the typical post and share what's in my pencil case. One of my favorite parts about going back to school is always getting all of my new supplies and starting the year off super organized. After twelve years of going to school, I definitely have some tried and true products that I could not live without. I used a makeup bag as my pencils case (not the one pictured above) that is relatively spacious and can fit everything I have pictured above. 

I never realized this until now, but I guess that bic is one of my favorite brand for writing utensils. As far as pencils are concerned, I only use mechanical ones. When I was in elementary school my little pencil sharpener would constantly explode all over my pencil case and get everything covered in lead and pencil shavings, since then I have never gone back to the wooden kind. These bic ones are #2 and work on all scantrons (except when you take the SAT/ACT they require the wooden ones even though these would work #petpeeve) and they last for a very long time. I use bic atlantis pens and poppin pens for taking notes; the ink does not smear and they write very smoothly. For my agenda I swear by le pens. I color code my classes and have sworn by these since eighth grade, they don't bleed through the pages and come in a wide variety of colors. Finally, I like the thin highlighters from bic to cross things off in my agenda and to highlight my notes with. 

In addition to pens and pencils, I keep a few other items in my pencil case. I always have a travel size thing of advil with me incase I get a headache, and a tide stain stick for any spills that happen throughout the day. In addition to that I typically have a pack of gum and extra hair ties in there as well. Finally, I have my Ti-84 calculator which comes in handy quite frequently. 

What are your favorite things to keep in your pencil case?

Preppy by the Sea

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