September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I have officially made it through my third week of senior year! The past two weeks have been incredibly busy, hence the lack of posting. This week's Friday favorites is going to recap the past two weeks as I never published one last Friday. I have been slammed with homework and am quickly realizing the struggle of balancing school, cross country, clubs, college applications, and blogging. Blogging an amazing creative outlet that I absolutely love, however creating content five days a week has been challenging. I have decided to change my schedule to four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the next couple of months. Please bear with me as I navigate my way through the college process and know that if a post is missing here or there I am truly sorry but need to prioritize school right now. This weekend I am excited to create lots of fun new fall posts for you, so look out for new content coming soon!

One: All Things College
As a first semester senior, college is occupying about 90% of my brain at the moment. Between finalizing applications, filling out forms, attending meetings, and going on tours, life is a little bit crazy. Last week I was down in North Carolina for college tours and one of my best friends who lives in Colorado happened to be on my tour! We had absolutely no idea we would both be on campus/touring the same day until late the night before and it was seriously the best surprise ever. After the tour we went out to dinner with our parents and then had ice cream and caught up! 

Omg guys I have been eating pumpkin products nonstop this past week, everything is so delicious! My friends make fun of me every year about my fall pumpkin craze, but how could you pass up seasonal products! Make sure to check out my post from earlier this week so see a roundup of my favorite products. Now I just need to get to Dunkin and buy some pumpkin munchkins :) 

Three: Fall Flowers 
Last weekend was my mom's birthday, so we have so many pretty flowers around the house. I love mums and am so excited to put them in the window boxes and officially get ready for fall! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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