September 08, 2016

Advice from One Extreme Procrastinator, to the Next

Do you find yourself studying at 9pm the night before a test? Do you put off long term assignments until the week before they're due? Do you still have summer work left the day before school starts?

If this is you, welcome to my world. If not, good for you. You probably don't need the advice that this post offers.

I put myself in the category of "extreme procrastinator." I put things off like none other. This post is a prime example of my procrastination, as I have a terrifying amount of summer work due a few days ago that I'd barely made a dent in. Before I start rambling, I'd like to point out that there is a difference between procrastination and laziness. Laziness implies you don't care enough to meet your obligations, whereas procrastination is a means of delaying tasks, not downright ignoring them. I'm not lazy, I just don't manage time well.

For those of you that can relate, I've found that even with this dreaded productivity flaw, I have managed three years of high school without turning in a single assignment late because I didn't finish it in time. I know personally two other extreme procrastinators like me (Hi Kate! Hi mom!) My friend Kate I have both been successful in high school despite our procrastination tendencies. There are ways to work around your procrastination, and I think I've figured a lot of them out. Whenever I googled "how to stop procrastinating" in the past, the tips offered were always the same and never did me much good. This post is realistic, not like the idealistic Buzzfeed suggestions that tell me to "manage my time better." If it was that easy, don't you think I would have done it by now?

Don't overestimate your productivity
For me, accepting the fact that I'm not a particularly productive person has helped me to, in turn, become more productive. Instead of marking a monthly calendar with due dates of when I should have certain portions of assignments done, make a daily "calendar." If you procrastinate like me, you know you don't work well on a long term schedule. Instead, plot out hours of the day rather than days of the week to try to keep you on schedule. If you work on a smaller scale, I've found a lot of the time it becomes easier to meet your own expectations

Know your responsibilities
It's one thing to put off your individual work, but it's a completely different story to put off group work. I've found that even for me, procrastination queen, this is a line I've never crossed. You don't want to be the member of the group that didn't pull their weight because they didn't leave themselves enough time to do their part adequately. When a group is depending on you, it's time to put on your productivity cap and get it done. No excuses.

Become someone who can perform under pressure
If you are going to study the night before for a test you've known about for days (which I don't suggest, but is my reality 90% of the time) embrace the pressure you feel that you haven't given yourself enough time. Truth is, you haven't, but if you are serious about studying, even if it is just the night before, you can get a good grade. Feed off of the pressure you've put yourself under and use it to your advantage. And don't listen to people who tell you "you're screwed." You know yourself and your capabilities, use this as motivation to prove them wrong.

Always remember the work will get done
Like I said earlier, there is a huge difference between procrastination and laziness. Procrastinators know that maybe the essay gets written at 2am, but you better believe it will be sitting on your teacher's desk complete and polished come english class the next morning. You know yourself, and you aren't the kind of student who flat out doesn't meet the requirements of a class. Grades matter to you, and no matter how you manage time, you put 100% effort into everything you turn in. Trust yourself that you won't let your responsibilities slip away from you. I can't tell you the amount of times I've said to myself (today alone) "Sure, it doesn't look good now. But it's not like this work won't get done come tomorrow".

Step back and reevaluate 
This is advice straight from my mom, a fellow extreme procrastinator, and let me tell you it works like a charm. If you've been staring blankly at your computer for the past half hour not doing anything productive, shut it down and come back to it in an hour. If your brain isn't fried, try to do some other homework to fill the time. If it is, watch an episode of Netflix or get a snack to try and take your mind off things and get inspired to work effectively.

Don't be embarrassed
This one may seem a little weird, but I can't tell you the amount of times people (peers and adults) have given me looks or vocalized their disapproval over my procrastination. I'm not an inferior student or person just because I procrastinate, in a lot of ways I've gained skills that have actually helped me in high school (quick learner, pressure performing, etc.). Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting procrastination is a good thing - but I'm also not saying it's the worst thing in the world either.

Hopefully this has helped someone out there who is just like me. You'll get through it.


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. It is so nice to hear that another blogger is a procrastinator! I feel like everyone just says "I have everything planned, blah, blah, blah." I'm a procrastinator for certain things (like studying for APUSH and writing English essays). Thank you for these tips though!!!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson