September 19, 2016

Pumpkin Season

I have some very exciting news... it's officially pumpkin season at Trader Joe's! I love how every season at Trader Joe's they have a plethora of products for a specific flavor. Over the summer it was all things mango and now pumpkin is finally back! Over the past few years I have pretty much tried anything and and everything pumpkin flavored that they have to offer and I wanted to share my favorites today.

Cereal Bars // These are the perfect item if you are running late and need to quickly have something for breakfast on the go. Typically I don't like cereal bars, however the pumpkin ones are to die for!

Pumpkin Coffee // I hate pumpkin spice lattes but have always been intrigued by pumpkin flavored coffee. I tried this for the first time this past weekend and it was so delicious. The coffee is strong and the pumpkin flavor does not taste artificial or too overpowering.

Granola // This adds the perfect fall flare to your morning yogurt. My favorite combination is this with original or vanilla greek yogurt.

Waffle & Pancake Mix // I forgot to include a picture of this, but pumpkin waffles and pancakes will change your life. Personally, I don't like plain waffles/pancakes and always put berries in mine, however the spices and flavor in the mix make them delicious on their own!

Gingersnap Chipwiches // These are serially to die for. These mini chipwiches are made with delicious gingersnap cookies and creamy pumpkin ice cream in the middle.

Macarons // Like every blogger and their mother, I love a good macaron. To be quite honest these are almost as good as the ones from Ladurée and the entire package costs about as much as one macaron there- plus they last forever in the freezer!

Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed Chips // These chips are the perfect balance of sweet and salty. They kind of taste like Stacy's pita chips, but the cranberries and pumpkin seeds add a fun fall twist!

What are your favorite pumpkin treats from Trader Joe's? 


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