September 21, 2016

Healthy Living

One of my goals for 2016 was to be healthier in all aspects of my life. I'll just start this post out saying that in no way am I some super unhealthy person. In fact, I would consider myself very active and eat well majority of the time. However, at the beginning of the summer my shorts were a little bit tight, still wearable, just not my preferred fit. I have quite the sweet tooth and right when school got out I found myself going out to ice cream quite frequently, after all is there anything better than a cone of black raspberry on a hot day? I never owned a scale until this year, so my life has never revolved around a specific number for weight, I know my body and when I feel healthy and when I need to step up my workout routine. So at the beginning of July I started my cross country summer training and started to lay off on the sugary treats. I did not focus too much on my routine, I just lived my life the way I would any time. At the end of the summer I came home from the Cape and stepped on the scale and was surprised to see I had lost about 8 pounds. I don't have a six pack nor could I run a marathon, but I feel healthy and refreshed.

This post is not something that I would typically write, however I think that it is important to let people know that all you need to do to achieve a point at which you "feel good" is live a healthy life. This does not mean cutting out your favorite treats and snacks (is it even possible to give up cookies and candy!?) , or exercising all the time. This post is not at all about losing weight through dieting or some extensive plan, it's about finding balance and living healthy. I am lucky enough to have never struggled with weight issues and feel very confident in my own skin, however there are so many girls out there that do. Clearly I am no expert here, however I strongly believe that if you eat three well balanced meals, don't snack excessively, and have a workout routine that you enjoy, you can feel good about yourself on the inside and out. Everyone is different and has a different routine that works for them. Have you found a routine that works for you and your busy schedule to stay healthy?


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