July 12, 2016


Three years ago today we started Preppy by the Sea. It's so crazy to think that the blog has followed us through our entire high school journey and has evolved with us over the years. Since starting the blog on a whim during the summer of 2013, we have gone from completely anonymous to fully sharing our personalities and creative side with friends, family, and readers. Our content has expand dramatically and the quality of our images has gone from the iPhone 4 to DSLR (currently in the process of getting a new lens, look our for more improvements!). Blogging has truly become a huge part of our lives and has allowed us to discover and express our passions with our readers. As we enter into our fourth year of blogging our lives will endure huge changes; we will apply to college, turn eighteen, graduate high school, and head off to college. Though things will change, we look forward to the continued growth of Preppy by the Sea and expanding our role within the blogger community. 

This past weekend, Julianna, a few of our friends, and I all went down to the beach to take some pictures. Like any blog shoot, there were lots of bloopers, however I think that these in particular effectively convey our personalities #behindtheblog. Fixing the hair, funny strangers who enjoy photobombing, and our friends that put up with all of our blogging shenanigans made the pictures complete. Though our moms primarily take all of our photos, our friends deserve a big shoutout as well. Thanks for dealing with the need to get a good "blinsta" (blog insta) every time we go out to eat, venturing out to take outfit pictures, and doing Q&A's on snapchat, you guys are the real MVPs. Finally, we want to thank all of our readers who have followed us on our journey for the past three years. We absolutely love blogging, but having support from followers and reading your comments really makes it all so much more rewarding! Here's to many more years of Preppy by the Sea! 


Preppy by the Sea