July 07, 2016

Seven Shoes

rainbows // these flip flops have been my tried and true since middle school. I have had two pairs over the past seven years and my thin strap pair from 8th grade are still going strong. Through they may not be the most fashion forward pair of shoes on the market, they provide decent support for a flip flop and can last through the constant wear and tear of sand and salt water.

sperrys // sperry's have also been one of my go-to summer shoes for a really long time. I would consider these to be the summer version of my bean boots; they're great quality shoes that can be worn in any weather and are made by loyal New England based companies. I find myself slipping these on all the time when I am running errands or going out on the boat.

converse // converse are really great for days when you know that you will be doing a ton of walking.  I wore them a ton when I was on my feet all day touring colleges this past year and never complained about my feet hurting. They also are great to toss on with a pair of jeans or to wear to a concert.

sneakers // I think that it is very important to invest in a good pair of sneakers that you know will last you for a while with your workout and running routine. Since starting cross country my sophomore year I have been wearing Asics and find that they offer the best support and stability for me and my stride. Though they can be a bit pricey, they are worth every penny. I am on my second pair and will be ordering new ones before the fall season begins.

jack rogers // My jack rogers have hands down been my go-to summer shoe for the past four years. I own four pairs (pink, navy raffia, silver, and black) and wear them all the time. They are definitely difficult to break in, but once you have had them for a while they are very comfortable and go with virtually everything from shorts to nice dresses. Jack Rogers has expanded greatly over the past few years and there are so many different colors and styles to choose from!

espadrilles // I purchased a pair of royal blue espadrilles from Soludos last summer on a whim right before I left for Italy as I thought they would be perfect for the trip. Little did I know that they are not only adorable, but they are also extremely comfortable. I highly recommend purchasing a pair to add a little pop of color to your wardrobe for the summer months- I have my eye on the wedges now :)

wedges //  Every girl needs a good pair of wedges in her summer wardrobe. Although I love wearing heels, wedges are so much more comfortable and practical for summer while still giving you the extra height boost. You can pair them with anything from dresses to white jeans and spice up an outfit from day to night.

What are your favorite summer shoes?


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. I've been meaning to pick up rainbows for a while now and I've loved Sperry's since I was in 7th grade, haha.
    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson