July 06, 2016

My Daily Summer Routine

Now that I am about three weeks into summer and have started my second week of work, I feel like I finally have a solid daily routine and schedule. Every year summer seems to fly by so I like to get the most out of every hour of the day. I have been setting my alarm for 8:30 every morning to get going a little bit earlier and have the most productive mornings possible. So far I have been working about four days a week during the lunch shift. I really like having the nights free, however starting at 11 is kind of a weird time. I have found that the time between when I get up and when I need to leave is perfect for a run. It's nice to get my workout out of the way before it gets really hot out and I'm tired in the afternoon. On the days when I am off, I typically spend the entire day at the beach or out on the boat and enjoy the perfect summer days on the Cape. I enjoy having a little bit of time to relax and refresh in the afternoon, which is when I primarily take outfit photos, catch up on emails, and write blog posts. After that I eat dinner and then settle in for the night, or meet up with friends depending on the day. Do you like having a schedule during the summer or do you like to just go with the flow?


Preppy by the Sea

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