July 01, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I can't believe that my first full week of summer has officially come and gone, and that it's already July! On Monday I started my first summer job bussing tables at a restaurant. Although each shift is spent completely on your feet and can be tiring, I really like having a schedule in place as it helps me be productive. This week I worked three lunch shifts which start at 11 am, so I have been waking up a lot earlier to squeeze in a run, shower, and possibly a blog post before heading out. I have this weekend off so I can't wait to finally spend time relaxing at the beach!

One: the Beach
I am so happy to be on the Cape for the entire summer and can't wait to spend lots of days at the beach! Although there are nice beaches at home, nothing truly compares to a long day spent by the sea on Cape Cod with friends and family. My mom and I went for an hour or two yesterday afternoon and sat by the water's edge reading out books. The ocean was s calm and the temperature was ideal after a hot and humid morning. 

Two: jimmyCASE
I am loving my new iPhone case more and more every day! It has proven so useful this past week for quick trips to the ice cream or candy store #guiltypleasures. The case holds just the right amount of cards and cash for any summer adventure- plus who doesn't love a good striped pattern?!

Three: Black & White Favorites 
Recently I have been trying to limit my shopping, however there have been a few items that I just could not resist. In addition to the off the shoulder trend, I have been loving all things lace up this season. A lot of the lace up shirts I have seen have been super low cut and not practical for everyday wear, however when I stumbled upon this top for under $20 I knew it was meant to be. The colors match with practically everything, and it will be great to have on cooler summer nights. Additionally, I ordered a pair of black Jack Rogers (20% off on Amazon) that I have had my eye on for a long time. I definitely did not need another pair of Jacks, however I did not have any black sandals and thought that I would just opt for a brand that I know and love instead of risking it with a different style. Needless to say I have been really loving black and white this month.


Preppy by the Sea

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