July 02, 2016

Red, White, & BBQ Recipes

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! I hope everyone has been enjoying the amazing weather and patriotic decorations. I have been super busy between work, beach days, boating, and going to the fireworks so apologies for having this up at night instead of in the morning. Anyways, with all of the festivities commencing tomorrow, I thought I would share two super easy red, white, and blue recipes that you could bring to a BBQ.

Right now berries are at the height of their season and it seems that every single box has been delicious, so I wanted to try and incorporate some fresh fruit into my recipes. The first being fruit kabobs, which are definitely on the healthy side of a BBQ menu. I purchased a pack of wooden skewers at the grocery store and then just arranged the strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon into a fun pattern. If you are making these right before you leave, you could also include banana slices to add white to the pattern, but I didn't want them turing brown for the sake of the presentation :) The second recipe is also easy and will satisfy your sweet tooth. I made a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, but you could totally use any recipe- I think coconut cake would be amazing! Then I arranged the berries into an American flag to keep everything in the spirit of the fourth! Do you have any recipes you are planning to make tomorrow?


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