October 29, 2015

October Playlist

For me at least, pop radio had a pretty good month. I've never been a Justin Bieber fan, yet his new song "What Do You Mean?" is so undeniably catchy it almost makes me want to be a fan (emphasis on the almost). Other favorite from current radio include "Same Old Love" and "Downtown". At first I thought "Downtown" had about 10 too many parts, but as I hear it more and more, it's really growing on me. I've also looked to some alternative music for doing homework and winding down after a long school day. I've realized how much I love Hozier's music  beyond his hit "Take Me to Church."

What songs do you have on replay?

Preppy by the Sea


  1. What app or website do you use to create your playlist posts?

    XO, Brooke