October 20, 2015

Cold Weather Essentials

This past friday night I was driving home from babysitting and looked down to see that the temperature was 35 degrees. It has been a relatively warm fall so far, but this weekend took a turn towards the cold. I know that it is still early in the Fall, but it's never to early to start ordering some essentials for the cooler months ahead! My entire life I have lived in Massachusetts and us New Englanders are pretty good with dealing with the cold; so I thought that I would talk about my top ten essentials to survive the chilly months! I have a few things in my wardrobe that I seem to have on loop for this time of year, most of them are extremely practical, but also relatively fashionable. 

A nice down jacket is 100% my number one essential for the cold. I have one from Patagonia and it is extremely warm, and super light weight. They are perfect for everyday wear, and can also be layered for super cold days with a ski coat. 

At this point, I'm sure every one and their mother have heard someone rave about the J. Crew vest. Also, odds are high that you too own one... or multiple. They are so adorable and come in a wide variety of colors, and they are also surprisingly warm. 

A Barbour jacket is a little bit of a dressier coat that makes any outfit look great. These are not nearly as warm as a down coat, but it's nice to have options! 

This is my go-to peice on a lazy day. The cut is more form fitting than a sweatshirt and is certainly a much better option if you need to stay warm. You can toss this on after a workout with leggings and sneakers, or wear it with jeans and boots for a casual look. 

If there is one fashion obsession that I have picked up from my mom, it would be sweaters. I am a sucker for a great sweater and honestly own a few too many, but when you live in a cold place they just always seem justifiable! 

Having a great pair of jeans can make or break your wardrobe. Finding the right pair for you can sometimes be a struggle and a half, but once you do it's life changing. I have jeans from various brands and ranging prices, but the pair linked above are my all time favorite. They are under $60, which is amazing, and they are so, so soft! 

I love these socks more than anything, they are so cozy and look great with bean boots! 

There is absolutely no way I could survive a winter without my trusty bean boots. I have talked about them a million times on the blog, and don't expect me to stop anytime soon :)

My hands get so cold, so easily. This past summer I would be in restaurants freezing on a warm night. A cute pair of gloves will be such a life saver if you find yourself cold all the time. 

Not only are scarves fun accessories, but they are also practical. A cozy scarf adds a bit more warmth to a layered look!


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Love all of these, I really want to get a Patagonia!

    Jessica Buenger

  2. I pulled my bean boots out from winter storage the other day, they are ready for this upcoming season! Love the list, thanks for sharing!