October 21, 2015



Warning: the post has the potential to get nerdy, but just stick with me, I promise I have a point :)

I consider myself to be a fairly environmentally conscious person. I make my mom use only reusable bags at the grocery store, I take a reusable water bottle to school everyday, and I recycle as much paper, plastic, etc as I can. Granted, I'm just one person and of course there are days when my plastic Dunkin' Donuts drink container ends up in the trash rather than the recycle bin. However, I'd like to think my green-minded actions are having some sort of positive impact on the environment, as minuscule as it may be. On that note, I initially heard about Cuppow last year as their products were being sold by my school's Green Club for homecoming. This company uses recycled materials to create lids for mason jars that turn them into travel mugs. They also have products for food, it which a salad dressing, dip, etc. would go in the Cuppow product, while a salad or other food would go in the mason jar to make for the perfect portable lunch. I think mason jars are adorable, and I love that they can be put to use with the Cuppow lid. I now have these lids in two colors (mint and clear) and also have the coozie (made from recycled plastic as well). I plan to take my daily coffee or tea to school in my travel mug for the rest of the year, and am so happy to have a cute and reusable container that won't be adding waste to the world's landfills.

Check out their website here!


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