October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has been surprisingly manageable for me school wise, which is always great. Although it was an easy week, I of course am excited for the weekend. It is going to be a very busy one, but I have lots of exciting things planned. Tonight I have to volunteer at an elementary school halloween party, but afterwards my friends and I are all celebrating my friend's birthday! On Saturday my mom and I are going into Boston to do some shopping, blogging, and go out to dinner! Look forward to come fun city fashion posts next week! 

One: Madewell's Current Collection
Last weekend I was wondering around found myself in Madewell... I wonder how that happened?  I pretty much fell in love with everything in the store and wished I wasn't limited to a high school budget. My birthday is next month, so I guess I will start dropping hints to my parents :)

Two: Sunday Drives
The fall foliage is absolutely breathtaking right now! Last sunday I just drove around town looking at all the gorgeous trees! I drove through one of the parks and could not resist snapping a quick picture of the scenery. 

Three: Olive Pants + Black Flats + Mochas
This picture pretty much sums up most of my favorites from this week. I have been wearing olive green all the time, and these pants are amazing- and under $20! Also, I wore my Tory Burch flats three times this week, they are so great for this time of year. Finally I have randomly had hot chocolate craze. Typically I am coffee's number one fan so it is slightly out of the norm. I have been opting for a mocha to get the chocolate taste and the caffeine perks. 


Preppy by the Sea 

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