October 13, 2015

Look For Less- Fall Accessories

Designer accessories are simple, we love them and our bank accounts hate them. Every season, I find myself lusting over some expensive accessory and contemplate making the splurge, however 9 times out of 10 I am rational and talk myself out of it. Recently, I have been seeing lots of dupes for the hot ticket designer items for the fall. Some of them are strikingly similar, like the Old Navy crossbody and the Gigi New York Version. If you can find a good dupe, I highly recommend opting for it. If you find yourself using the dupe all the time, then maybe consider making the splurge for the real deal. They are a great way to try out trends and see how much you really like them. One of the top things on my accessory wish list is a Burberry scarf. They are beyond gorgeous, but there is absolutely no need for a high school girl to drop $600 on a scarf. I have a great dupe that I wear all the time and maybe someday I will invest in the real one :) Do you splurge or save on accessories? 


Preppy by the Sea

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