February 09, 2016

Snow Day Essentials

There's something so magical about a snow day. Is there really anything better than waking up to fresh snow and relaxing in cozy pajamas all day? Recently we were hit with two different storms and had a snow day last Friday and this Monday #fourdayweekend. It takes a lot of snow to get a snow day in the Boston area, so when we have them you can be guaranteed an abundance of snow and great sledding and snowman making weather. I thought I would share a few of my snow day essentials and favorite activities after spending a lot of time in a winter wonderland recently. 

Cozy PJ's // No matter if you are the adventurous type on a snow day or prefer to stay inside all day by the fire, having a cozy pair of pajamas is a must. Personally, I go back and forth between wanting to wear a cute matching set and wearing huge sweatpants.

Pullover // Whether you are out shoveling or sledding, layering a cozy pullover under your jacket will keep you warm in the storm. Also, they are great for lots of Netflix watching :)

Snow Boots // In big storms, sometimes bean boots just don't cut it. My Sorels keep my feet warm all day and are high enough that snow does not get in. 

Go Sledding // We had a ton of snow days last winter, yet somehow I never went sledding. This year my friends and I went to the golf course and had so much fun! 

Build a Snowman // This is actually one of the things on both of our 101 in 1001 list. I haven't made a snowman in a really long time and think it should definitely be a priority for my next snow day!

Movie Marathon // If it is super chilly outside, there is really nothing better than staying inside all day and binge watching your favorite movies. Invite your friends over, bake some cookies and settle in for the storm! 


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