February 05, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has been pretty light school wise, so it was nice to catch up on some sleep and relax. We only have one week left before our February break and I am so excited for my upcoming trip (more to come next week)! I have a crazy weekend ahead of me, do you have any big plans?

One: Weather
I am a self proclaimed weather junkie. The Weather Channel is by far and away my most used app... This week we had a really weird heat wave and it was in the 60's all week, needless to say I am so excited for Spring! However, we are supposed to get 8" of snow today :(

Two: ACT Prep
This was not really a favorite but I spent a lot of time with my ACT book this past week. Julianna and I are nothing taking it tomorrow morning, wish us luck! I am looking forward to having one test under my belt and seeing where I stand compared to the SAT. 

Tomorrow night is our school's winter dance. We have never had one before, but this year my class organized it so I am super excited to see how it all turns out! Look for pictures and a recap next week. I ordered these heels to wear with this dress and love the combo... hopefully I can walk in them in the snow #justnewenglandthings 


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. Good luck on your ACT! Cute shoes :)