February 16, 2016

Carry On Essentials

Over the next two weeks I am going to be at the airport a lot. On Thursday I am flying out to Colorado to go skiing with friends and when we get back from break, my mom and I are going to North and South Carolina to look at colleges. Perfecting the art of packing a carry on is an essential skill, and having the right things with you during the flight can make or break the experience. The bag I bring usually depends on where I am going and if I need to bring a lot of homework with me. If I am not bringing my backpack, I typically carry a tote, my favorite being this Mark and Graham monogrammed suede boho bag!

Technology // Laptop, iPhone, camera, headphones, and portable charger
I always keep all of my technology in my carry on, regardless of if I plan to use it on the actual flight. Bags get lost all the time, especially if you have connecting flights, so keeping all your valuables with you is always a good idea- same goes for any nice jewelry! Many planes now have wifi on them, so I try to use the flight to be productive and get caught up on emails, schedule posts, or work on any homework I have. 

Entertainment // Book and magazine
Watching movies and listening to music is always great, however sometimes I need a little change of pace. I always bring a book with me (I'm currently reading Opening Belle and love it) and pick up a magazine at the airport to flip through during the flight. 

Beauty// Glasses, contact case & solution, perfume, and chapstick 
For some reason I find that majority of the time I fly at weird hours of the day. Red eyes, and very early morning flights can be draining and it is nice to have a few beauty products with you to freshen up. I wear contacts and can't fall asleep with them in so having my case and some solution with me is a must. Also, my lips are always getting chapped on the plane, so I always have chapstick with me. 

Other// Wallet and snack
Bringing your wallet with you is pretty self explanatory, but I also highly recommend packing an additional snack in your bag. Let's be real, airplane food is awful, and on short flight might not even be an option. Toss a granola bar or some pretzels in your carry on and you should be fine! 


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Catherine! I love following your blog, and am the author of my own preppy blog as well. I saw that you're heading to North and South Carolina to look at colleges. Any chance you're heading to look at Wake Forest?

    1. Yes, I will be looking at Wake Forest!

    2. That's awesome! I'm currently a freshman at Wake, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Have fun and good luck with your visits!