February 27, 2016

February Beach Day

coat | scarf | jeans | boots

Compared to last year, this year's winter has been pretty uneventful in Massachusetts. We've had about 2 medium sized snow storms, the occasional sprinkle, and that's just about it. I never realized until this year when I found myself missing the snow that I really am a winter person. I like the coziness of the cold weather and how beautiful the outdoors looks right after it snows. That being said, every year around this time I long for the summer months and Cape Cod. Over February break this year, we drove down to the Cape for a mini day trip. During the school year, I rarely make the trip to Cape Cod with everything so busy at home, so it was a nice break to get to see the beach and just drive around. Sure it was 10 degrees out, but I'm a sucker for the beach any time of year.


Preppy by the Sea

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