March 24, 2016

Third Term Slump

Ahh the annual third term slump. I honestly have no idea why, but for some reason third term is never a great one for me. I'm honestly a little bit scared for senior year me if this is what happens every year... Thankfully, the term ends in two weeks and then it's just one more term until summer! If you're anything like me and are going through the same lull, have no fear I have a few tips for you. Balancing school and a social life (and blogging!) can get overwhelming, but you can do it- here's how! 

+ Go to the Library 
I live really close to the library in my town, yet somehow up until this year I rarely went. My productivity level in my room has gotten terrible and I need to leave my house to get things accomplished. Because everyone around you is focused and determined to get work done, you will most likely be much more productive. Personally, I need a quite area to get my homework done and the constant ebb and flow of people in my house does not make for a great working environment. If you are looking for a little bit of a social aspect, meet one of your friends there and you can work together if you are in any classes together or have the same teachers. 

+ Get to School Early
This past year I have been getting to school about an hour before class starts. I bring my laptop to school (highly recommend this) and try to crank out any work I can at the school library. Also, sometimes I will quickly meet with a teacher in the morning if I have questions before a test- I find it is less crowded than in the afternoon. 

+ Treat yo self 
Every morning I make myself coffee or tea before school- I literally can't function without caffeine at this point. However, once or twice a week I like to treat myself to a nice cappuccino at Starbucks before school. Listening to music while sipping on a warm drink on the drive to school is such a nice relaxing way to start the day. 

+ Work Out 
Like I have mentioned before, I am really into spinning classes. I usually go 3-4 times a week and have found that it really helps me clear my head. I honestly questioned my decision making skills the first time I signed up for a 5:30 am class, but it turns out I really enjoy working out before school. If I get my workout done in the morning, it gives me more time to focus on homework ay night and can get to bed earlier. 

+ Make Fake Deadlines 
This one is kind of random, but I think it is really helpful for long term assignments. Right now I have two different research papers that I am working on, one for U.S. History and the other for my AP lang class. Because each paper entails so much work, I have started to force myself to reach certain check points by specific dates. This will help you avoid procrastinating and staying up late when the due date approaches. 


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