March 04, 2016

February Playlist

Let me just start this post by apologizing that my February playlist is making it onto the blog in March. I have not been home for a weekend in three weeks and life has really gotten the best of me. However, I did do a lot of traveling in the month of February, so I wanted to share what I have been listening to on the go! A few of these are oldies, but when I was in Colorado my friends and I played a lot of old music (think Jonas brothers and some classic Britney hits) and sang along at the top of our lungs #justgirlythings amiright? Also, I would be lying to you if there wasn't at least one John Mayer song on my playlist each month!

Tomorrow morning I am taking the SAT, but after that I am excited to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home. Also, I am planning on writing a lot of posts this weekend to avoid the recent blogging lull. If there are any posts you are dying to see, leave a comment, tweet us, email us etc. We are all ears and want to post content that you are excited about!


Preppy by the Sea

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