March 10, 2016

Kate Middleton Hair Inspo

Kate Middleton is seriously the most poised and well dressed woman around, I am fairly obsessed with the royal family and am pretty sure that I have a girl crush on her. Her family is freaking adorable and how could we forget the fact that she is a princess! Not only does her wardrobe never fail to disappoint, but her hairstyles are fabulous. I am getting a haircut next week and think that I am going to get something similar to her length. Unfortunately my hair is extremely temperamental and refuses to hold a curl so I can't achieve her long wavy look, but the general length is perfect- not too long and not too short! With prom just a few months away (#stressfest) I think that scrolling through Pinterest and looking at her more formal updos is a great way to seek some inspiration! Are you a fan of Kate Middleton and her hairstyles?


Preppy by the Sea

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