March 21, 2016


After an eleven day blogging hiatus, I'm back! Over the past week and a half I have gone to a leadership conference for student council, been assigned two research papers, started golf season, taken multiple tests, and got sick along the way. To sum it up, being a junior is pretty hectic. I don't want to complain about school, as I know everyone is going though the same thing. However, I needed to take a break from blogging for a little bit to get caught up, clear my head, and revive my creativity.

Blogging is something that I am very passionate about and truly enjoy, but when I have so much to do and it feels like just another thing on my to-do list I don't want to be publishing sub-par posts. Now that I have had time to live in the moment I feel so much better and am excited to share new content for spring and summer. It's no secret that life is stressful and can sometimes slip away from us, and in the past month or so I have really begun to notice that I don't live in the moment all the time. This weekend I submitted my classes for senior year which is so crazy to think about. With less than a year and a half left before college, I really want to start appreciating "the now." I want to do more regular life update type posts on the blog so I can share a little bit of my personal life with you, and also personally reflect on what's been happening in my life. Here's to making some blogging changes and getting back into the swing of things!


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. I completely agree - I hate when I feel guilty if I suddenly got too busy and don't have a post ready, but I also hate scrambling for a post topic just for the sake of posting something (and risking it not being a very good one). I'm all for just taking a step back and letting life take priority!