March 30, 2016

Book Review: Opening Belle

One of my goals for this year is to start reading more in my free time. When I was reading theSkimm one morning, Opening Belle was the book recommendation and it caught my eye. I goggled it to read a little more about it, and some reviews. In doing this I learned that Reese Witherspoon was making a movie about it- between that and the great reviews, I knew I had to order it. Within a few weeks (this is fast for a high school student with tons of work and sports after school) I finished it! 

Now you're probably thinking, what is this book even about? Opening Belle tells the story of Belle, a mother of three who has a huge job on Wall Street. Navigating the male dominated world of finance, extravagant manhattan lifestyles, and the constant desire for more, Belle finds herself amongst the chaos. Belle and the other successful women at her firm, Feagin Dixon, work together in pursuit of greater promotions and equality in their rambunctious workplace. 

Years after her ex-fianc√© left her for another woman, they are reunited as he represents her biggest client. Balancing her lethargic stay at home husband, her children, and her demanding work schedule she wonders what could have been when the two are reconnected. Her morals are tested when the thought of rekindling the relationship emerges. 

I would highly recommend Maureen Sherry's Opening Belle. The balance between the crazy day to day life at a ruthless Wall Street job and Belle's complicated love life will have you flying though the book. Whether you are a high school student interested in the business world or a mom looking for a good read, I guarantee you will throughly enjoy the book! Let me know if you have, or plan to read Opening Belle.


Preppy by the Sea