December 08, 2014

Sweet and Salty

what you will need:
hershey kisses
red and green m&m's

During the holiday season, I kind of get into a cooking phase. This weekend I made three different desserts, but who doesn't love having yummy homemade treats around the house? I think I am going to do a few holiday recipe posts this month and thought I would start with the easiest one! I kid you not when I say this is the easiest and most delicious recipe (5 minutes from bag to platter)! Preheat your oven to 225 degrees. Take a cookie sheet and place a bunch of pretzels on it and then put a hershey kiss on every pretzel. Put the cookie sheet in the oven for 3 minutes. When you take them out the chocolate should be slightly melted and still in its original shape. Press an m&m into each pretzel and let the cool for 5 minutes (or eat while warm). These tasty treats are great to bring to a cookie swap or with a hostess gift! enjoy!


Preppy by the Sea

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