December 05, 2014

Hooray for the Holidays!

Happy Friday everyone! This week it really hit me that it is actually December, can you believe it!? Honestly, I feel like it is still mid-October, probably because the temperatures have not been as chilly as they usually are. For me to really get into the Christmas spirit it needs to look like a winter wonderland outside. The weather doesn't seem to agree with my ideal Christmas season, so I am going to share a few tips on how to get into the holiday spirit! 

Play Christmas music... all. day. long. 
It is completely appropriate to add your local Christmas radio station to your favorite in your car or bring out your family's favorite CD's with the perfect songs. We have been playing music out of the speakers in the kitchen and it so relaxing to listen to while eating breakfast or a snack after school.

Drive around your neighborhood at night
In our town, pretty much all of the houses put the little candles in their windows, white lights on the trees outside and a wreath on their door. There is nothing I love more than driving around at night and admiring all of the beautiful homes lit up with their festive, yet simple decorations. 

Decorate your Christmas Tree
We are a little late on the whole Christmas tree thing... No worries, we are getting ours this weekend and I could not be more excited! I love going to pick out the perfect Christmas tree with my family every year and then coming home to decorate it. Unwrapping all of the ornaments that remind me of places I have been or times in my life (some of my favorites are the ones my sister and I made in pre-school, priceless!) and hanging them on the tree. When you're all finished trimming the tree, sit on the couch by the warm fire with christmas music playing in the background and squint your eyes. All off the light look so beautiful and at that very moment you will be in full swing holiday mood- plus who doesn't love the smell of a Christmas tree! 

Bake Cookies
Every year one of our friends has a cookie decorating party and it is so much fun! I love hanging out with all my friends dressed in our best red and green. Gingerbread cookies are definitely one of my weaknesses and sugar cookies are just perfect to decorate! Also, I love making any thing peppermint during this time of year! 

Make a Christmas List
If you have not already, making a Christmas list is always so much fun! whether you are five or twenty, the magic of christmas never gets old!

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon
Have some of your friends over on a Friday night, get cozy and watch some of your favorite holiday films! Although it is so cliché I am so excited to sit down and watch Elf!

Go Christmas Shopping 
I adore going Christmas shopping and picking out the perfect gifts for my friends and family. Bundle up and head into the city for great shopping and super festive scenery, don't forget to pick up a peppermint mocha on the way! Have you seen our men's gift guide and gift guide for moms? We will be posting a new gift guide every week up until Christmas, so be on the look for some new ideas! 

How do you get into the holiday mood?


Preppy by the Sea 

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