July 14, 2014

Baseball Hats

Summer is really a time where you can be as lazy as you want without being judged. Don't get me wrong, I wear pretty cute outfits during the summer, but sometimes nike shorts, an oversized tee shirt, and a baseball hat are the only way to go after sleeping until 11:30. I believe that I have come pretty close to perfecting the art of the baseball hat. Running errands, beach days or boating just got so much easier! You don't have to deal with the mane (how I refer to my hair when I wake up or after swimming in the ocean) or freak out if you haven't washed your hair in a while. Not only are baseball hats functional when you are lazy but they are actually quite cute! I have quite the collection, but my favorites are from Vineyard Vines, Southern Marsh, Southern Proper and Marley Lilly. 

Southern Marsh
I love seersucker, so naturally I love this hat. The only thing that I don't like is that it is a little bit flimsy, however it has a leather strap in the back which I think is a nice classic touch. 

Marley Lilly
I have this hat in white with my monogram in the circle block font in navy 

Southern Proper
I got this hat for Valentine's Day and I have yet to wear it, however it is super unique and the pink gingham adds the perfect pop of color to any summer outfit!

Vineyard Vines
I have a pink vineyard vines hat with a small navy whale and it is my favorite hat, it is great quality and matches everything. Still not over the fact that I never purchased the american flag whale hat last year...

Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide for some afternoon golf

Vineyard Vines and the Frat Collection last winter {seen in Styling Bean Boots}

Southern Proper gingham hat- fun summer pattern mixing!


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. I have the red version of the Southern Proper hat & I adore it! I usually pair mine with red lipstick just for a playful touch :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass