July 20, 2014

Monogrammed Necklaces

Almost every time I post a picture on Instagram wearing one of my monogrammed necklaces I get a question about it. Where is your necklace from? What size is it? How long is the chain? etc. This post is simply here to clear up all of your questions in one place. I have three different necklaces, so let's get to the details of each one!

In order from left to right

The first necklace I have is the most recent one I have purchased and definitely my favorite, it is from SilverJewelryArcade on Etsy for $69.99 and it is made in the USA! It is a 1.5" sterling silver 24K gold plated monogram with a 16" chain. If you are in the market for a monogrammed necklace I highly suggest this one, the size is big but not obnoxious, great quality and and the chain length is perfect! 

The second necklace is from PersonalizedNecklace on Etsy for $47.95. It is a 1.25" Sterling Silver 18K gold plated monogram with an 18" long chain in the circle block font. This necklace is nice to wear with collared shirts because it has a longer chain, however if you plan on wearing it with regular tops I would get a 16" chain. 

The final necklace I have is from Monogram Online for $99. It is a 1" sterling silver monogram dipped in yellow gold with an 18" chain. All of my necklaces have the split chain as opposed to the pendant style, I like this because the monogram stays in one place and does not rotate around on the chain. This necklace is fairly small and dainty, perfect for keeping and outfit simple or pairing with another bold necklace. 

Let me know if you have any more questions or want help with purchasing a necklace of your own!


Preppy by the Sea

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