July 17, 2014

Calm Seas and Croakies// Apparel by PW

Croakies are literally my saving grace in the summer, they have stopped me from loosing my Ray-Bans in the bottom of the ocean multiple times and from getting crushed in the bottom of a beach bag. Apparel by PW is a new company based out of our home city, Boston, MA and was founded in 2013. All of their products are high quality and handcrafted in the United States. They represent a classic and preppy New England style. We received the turquoise and fuchsia sailor's knot sunglass straps from their summer collection which you can now pre-order for $27.50. The colorful braided rope adds the perfect pop to any summer outfit. One of the reasons that I love these croakies so much is because they remind me of the rope bracelets I would get every summer on Cape Cod when I was little. Now I have a similar yet more sophisticated summer look! Apparel by PW is not only limited to sunglasses straps, they also have a wide variety of key fobs, belts and tee shirts.

The small tag on the back can be worn facing in or out, personally I think the patch looks cute so I wore it facing out. 

by the sea.

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Those are so adorable! And they look so durable! Are they comfortable?


    1. Thanks! They are definitely comfortable and durable!

  2. LOVE these! And they look so perfect against that navy and white!

    xoxo, Meredith | Monogram Meredith

  3. How do you get your logo to look like that? I'm new to the whole blogging thing!