August 10, 2017

Dorm Inspiration

I like the rug from this dorm and how they used their dressers as night stands

Cute decor and simple bedding... 10/10 

Love Renee from Gimme Glamour's dorm + she goes to Elon so it helps to visualize a dorm at the school I'll be attending 

Love the layout of this room 

I bought a Nespresso for school and my roommate and I are already planning a little coffee corner for our room #priorities

Additional storage and organization

Now that I have purchased most things that I will be needing for my freshman year dorm, I have to start to start thinking about the physical organization and appearance of my room. I anticipate move in day to be kind of stressful and overwhelming so hopefully thinking about the layout before I arrive helps to make the day and overall transition to college a bit easier... granted I don't know what my exact room will look like :) Looking at lots of dorms on Pinterest has helped me to get a better sense of how people tend to arrange their rooms and what I think would work best for me. I am hoping to maintain crisp and clean look while still incorporating personal touches that will make my dorm feel a little bit more like home. If you have any advice for move in day and setting up dorms please let me know! 


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Good luck with move-in day! It's a crazy whirlwind but I actually thought it was pretty fun. My number one tip is to not freak out if you can't actually organize your room exactly like you pictured in your head, that happened to me haha. But somehow it all works out in the end!

    Ashley //

  2. You would probably love hanging this in your dorm room! Its so cute

  3. Thanks for including me in this post! Can't wait to see how your dorm turns out :)

    Renee | Gimme Glamour