October 04, 2016

What's on My iPhone 7

My new iPhone 7 arrived this weekend after being backordered for a few weeks. I had had my iPhone 6 for two years and it had been completely shattered and out of storage for months, needless to say the upgrade was much needed. The new phone has the same dimensions as the 6, so there was no big adjustment there, however I really don't like how they removed the headphone jack. The extra 16GB will be so nice for my pictures, and I am so excited to test out the new camera and up the insta game. As for apps I am definitely a minimalist, however there are a few I seriously could not live without.

Waze // Ever since I started driving this app has been my go-to. I would put it on every time I drove back and forth from the Cape this summer... I knew exactly where I was going but getting traffic notifications and alerts about police that could hep you avoid getting a ticket are always appreciated.

The Weather Channel // I am a weather junkie and the app that comes on iPhones just doesn't cut it. To be quite honest I probably check this app more than social media on somedays, I like to be able to watch the future radar and have detailed reports of the hourly weather especially if there is a possibility that practice would be canceled.

Spotify // I don't even use iTunes/the music app anymore (except for Taylor Swift songs) and I think that paying for Spotify premium is comply worth it.

Starbucks & Dunkin // Where are my fellow caffeine addicts at? If you don't already use these apps I highly recommend downloading them as you can get free drinks/rewards. Recently I have started ordering from the Starbucks app if I am in a rush so that it is ready for me when I get there and can avoid the morning lines.

Quizlet // I have so many vocal quizzes and making actual flashcards is such a waste of paper and so unorganized. Quizlet keeps all of my terms organized and separated by subject so I can go back and study them when it comes time for exams.

Nike+Run Club // There are tons of apps dedicated to running and fitness on the app store, however this is 100% my favorite, tried and true. I have been using the Nike running app throughout all four years of high school and love how it tracks your pace, calories burned, distance, and time. Additionally having a map of all of your runs, and creating challenges with friends makes working out so much better!

What are your favorite apps? 


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. I love using Waze! Sometimes I do find Google maps can be a little more accurate but it's definitely improved from the time I started using it.
    UNUM is another one of my favorite apps. It lets you plan out your Instagram feed before you post so you can make sure a picture goes with your theme.
    - Leah | www.thecuteandclassy.com