May 17, 2016

Summer Swimsuits

tops: stripes | scallops | floral | ruffel 
bottoms: pineapple | citrus | teal | navy | gingham

When it comes to summer shopping, I just can't resist a cute bathing suit. I have quite a collection at this point in my life as I have worn the same size since middle school. Mixing and matching patterns is always fun- plus its great when you are trying to back lightly for a weekend away! All of the bathing suits above are from Target and J. Crew as they are my two favorite places to buy them. Target always has a plethora of patterns and styles, plus they are inexpensive and good quality so it's really a win-win. Although J. Crew is definitely more expensive, they are always having sales so you can always find a great deal on a super cute suit. 

Recently I have been really into the bralette style tops. If you are smaller chested they are hands down the most flattering style. Undwerwire and push-up tops are great if you are looking for more support, but the bralette 100x more comfortable. I'm not sure how I feel about the hight neck halter style, but the turquoise stripes are to die for ! What are your favorite bathing suit trends this year?


Preppy by the Sea

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