May 08, 2016

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I wouldn't typically write this kind of post, however my mom is so involved with this blog, that she definitely deserves a major shoutout today! I want to thank her for not only everything that she does for my family on a daily basis, but for everything she does to help me with Preppy by the Sea. From braving New England blizzards to shoot outfit posts with me, to constantly thinking of the perfect location for a specific look, she is so invested in helping me do something that I love and deserves a ton of credit. Though she might not be the most camera savvy person around, or share my shopping addition she is beyond supportive. 

My mom and I have always been really close, but I feel like over the past few years we have grown even closer. Throughout my entire life my mom has been very involved. From being a class parent in elementary school to taking on college tours with me this year, she really hasn't missed anything. I could always count on her to be standing on the sidelines of the lacrosse field, or waiting at the bottom of the mountain with a jacket after my ski races. There is something just so nice about sitting in kitchen talking after a long day at school, even though she isn't the greatest of cooks :) I feel so lucky that we have such a great relationship and appreciate everything she does 365 days a year, but especially on a day devoted to what she does best, being a mom. Here's to many more mother-daughter days full of food, fun, and lots of love! 


Preppy by the Sea