May 06, 2016

Life Update

Social media and I didn't have a great relationship this week, so a friday favorites post just wasn't going to work. I do hate abandoning the blog but wow was this week a busy one. As junior year is quickly coming to an end I thought I would give a little life update. These posts are typically not the most popular, however I think that it's important to give a glimpse into my life occasionally as I want this blog to feel more personal. So... you're probably wondering what the heck this lovely picture is. To be quite honest its a pretty damn accurate depiction of my life at the moment.

Fun fact, I literally never leave my house without my pearls in. However, my friend Clare captured this gem one day after school at the library. I had a pretty bad day and came home and took a nap after school (that's when you know) and took out one earring because that's the logical thing to do when your are tired and lazy. After that I decided that I needed to get my sh*t together and went to the library. I threw on my mens large sweatshirt, grabbed my incredibly heavy back back and left my house... little did I know that I was rocking a lovely pirate look! So moral of the story, we all have those days.

Now that I have that explained, let's talk about life. People warned me junior year was a grind, but up until probably six weeks ago my experience wasn't too bad. My homework was manageable and I stayed sane balancing sports, clubs, and school work. Then everything changed. My classes started to get harder, golf season began, and I missed a lot of school between college tours and school trips. Also, the reality of the college process hit me, which let me just tell you is scary. I submitted my AP Lang term paper, took the SAT and the ACT, and got inducted into the National Honor Society.

As for the past I honestly didn't know I could do so much in five days. I started the weekend off on the Cape and found a summer job at a restaurant where I will be a bus person and a hostess. Last year I was crazy busy and did a lot of traveling and thus wasn't able to get a job. This is my first "real" job and I am excited to be doing something new and spending the entire summer in my favorite place.

I spent way too many hours at the library and drank far too many coffees to count this week. My semester long history research paper was due on Wednesday and at this point I know more about the growth of Wall Street in the 1920's than one ever should. That being said, I never been so happy to receive my receipt from and finally be finished! Additionally, we had to get our teacher recommendations lined up for college applications this fall. Each teacher only takes a certain amount of students so this is kind of a stress fest, but I have one of the two finalized and am so excited! I really can't believe that I am almost a senior and the college process has begun.

This week I also stepped significantly out of my comfort zone and ran for the treasurer of student council. Over the past three years I feel like I have overcome my fear of public speaking, however this was the first time I spoke in front of such a large group for an extended period of time. Although I was shaking a little bit, I ended up winning and am so excited to serve on the exec board in the fall!

My AP Lang exam is next wednesday so I will most likely be spending this weekend studying all the terms we have learned throughout the year and reviewing the different essay structures. Today is also my dad's birthday and sunday is Mother's day, so I think my family and are going to go out to dinner and celebrate both this weekend! Here's to the last 6 weeks of school!


Preppy by the Sea


  1. I have Lang on Wednesday as well! Good luck, girl! :)

    XOXO Paulina

  2. You go Catherine! I start high school next year and I do a bunch of after school activities as well.