January 04, 2016

Winter Workout Wear


I don't know about you but over the past few weeks I have indulged in my fair share of sweets. Now that we are back to reality, I am ready to get back into a workout routine and start eating better. I do not do a winter sport at school, so I try to workout at least three times a week. So far this winter has been pretty moderate and I am still able to run outside. During the cooler months I typically run in leggings, a long sleeve top, and a vest or a jacket if it's really chilly. I purchased these Asics back in August for cross country season and they are seriously amazing. They have great support and lot's of different color combinations available.

I am so lucky to live by the water, so I try to run near it whenever I can. Finding the motivation to run, or just workout during the winter can be difficult. Making a plan with your friends is a great way to get out there and push yourself. Also, I love making playlists on Spotify. I find that if I have a bunch of great songs to listen to while running it makes it go by faster! Here's to getting in great shape in 2016!


Preppy by the Sea

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