January 13, 2016

The Great Gatsby

Last night I finish the Great Gatsby for my English class. Let me just begin by saying that I am not a huge reader, so it take a lot for me to genuinely enjoy a book, nevertheless a book required to read for school. I had seen the old Gatsby movie so I had some general knowledge about the plot, but wow was this book amazing. Being such a well-loved American novel, I had extremely high expectations and it one hundred percent lived up to them. Fitzergald's writing style is so unlike any other author that I have previously read. His vocabulary and descriptions are simply magical. 

The glitz and glamour of the extremely wealthy New York socialites during the 1920's is incredibly captivating. Lavish parties, exquisite mansions, and the complexity of each individual character and their relationships are blended together in a elegant style that will have you flying though the book. Because I read the book for school, I had to focus on themes, style, and syntax, which as any student knows can be annoying and often times take away from the actual plot of the story. I could see myself rereading the novel on my own to fully enjoy it without any additional work. This weekend I am planning on watching the newer film with Leonardo Dicaprio. It's always fun to see the movie after finishing the book and see everything visually and make comparisons between the two. 

Long story short, I guess I just wanted to breakdown my experience with this book as it is by far and away my favorite book I have ever read for school. This post was definitely something a little bit different than typical content, but sometimes it's fun to just sit down and write. Personally, I think that part of the reason that I enjoyed the Great Gatsby so much is due to my fascination with the era. Everything from the flapper's style to the luxurious homes during the 20's is so exciting and different. Most likely you have or will read Gatsby in school, however even if you have or know you will be in the future I highly recommend it. Are you a fan of this novel? 


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Enjoyed the book. I especially love that particular era with the clothes, music, etc. Once chaired a fund raiser at our local museum with the Gatsby theme. We had croquet on the lawn, dancing, etc. Great time!

  2. I love the book, and I agree that is was definitely one of my favorites for school! The movies are great and make the whole glitz of the era even more enticing!