May 30, 2015

Style Icon: Nina Dobrev

I'm low key obsessed with the Vampire Diaries and the show's leading lady, Nina Dobrev. When some friends first told me this was a good show, I brushed them off and never thought it was for me. Nevertheless, I started watching last summer, blew through five seasons in 2 months, and have been hooked ever since; it's definitely guilty pleasure TV. Although Nina left at the end of this past season (I'm still getting over it), she'll always be in the headlines for her style. Whether its the red carpet or a simple day to day look, Nina always looks stylish, with great hair and accessories to match. Many of her looks include pattern and color mixing which I am a huge fan of. Although some of the pieces she wears would never make their way into my wardrobe, I love how unique her outfits are and that she isn't afraid to take risks with new and upcoming trends.

Some more of my favorite looks...

Similar styles of my favorite pieces 

Do you love Nina's style as much as I do?


Preppy by the Sea

*all photos via pinterest*

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  1. She is one of my favorite style icons, and she's a master at mixing patterns and prints! Have a great weekend!!