May 08, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Let me just start off by apologizing for being absent from the internet for the past few days! As you all know, we are in the home stretch with school and things are really starting to get crazy. I also had very busy weekend and only had time to schedule posts for Monday and Tuesday. Enough with the excuses, I'm happy to be back! This week was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and temperatures we consistently in the 80's! I wore shorts and sandals for the first time this season (besides spring break) and enjoyed every second I was able to spend outside! 

One: Summer-like weather
As I mentioned before, this week was so nice. I was lucky enough to play a few rounds of golf and soak up the sun. Isn't this tree so pretty? In addition to this, we were able to sit out side for lunch which was such a nice way to take a break from being cooped up in school all day. 

Two: Spring Styles
This pictures was actually taken when I went shopping before break, but I could not resist the colors! Steering away from all the neutrals and bringing back my summer brights has definitely been the highlight of my week.

Three: Running Outside
I have been running on the treadmill for the past couple of months and it was s nice to run outside. I'm pretty sure I forgot what it was like to run in the heat and was definitely more tired than usual. Not going to lie, I actually didn't run in these shoes but the colors were too pretty not to snap a picture :) 

Because blog posts were completely nonexistent this week, I thought I would also include some links I have been loving this week as well! 

Happy Weekend!

Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. Great list of links! Enjoy the beautiful weather and your weekend!!