May 12, 2015

Spring Cleaning

I am a very organized person, but at the same time I am also pretty messy. Everything has its place in my room, my clothes, closet, and desk are pretty neat, but the rest of my room can often times be a disaster. Spring cleaning is such a common phrase used but I think that it is very important. In the winter I am gone every weekend and do not have the time to deal during the week. So, once spring rolls around I really start to get into the cleaning mood. Spring is a fresh start and your chance to make some changes. Here are a few things that I do every spring to stay tidy and organized. 

+Rotate your clothes
I have a pretty small closet, so I never have enough space to keep all of my clothes from different seasons out at once. Even if I did have the space, I would still be going through the same process. Keep your closet fresh and seasonal, this will help you select outfits in a more efficient manner. Also, by storing away winter clothes there will be significantly less clutter and you will be able to stay organized for much longer. 

+Sell, Sell, Sell
When packing away your winter clothing or unpacking all the spring and summer stuff, make sure to sort through everything purposefully. If you find a few items that you didn't wear all winter, summer clothes you know you won't wear anymore, or anything that no longer fits, make a pile. I try to sell anything that I don't need on eBay, this way someone will get some use out of it and I will make some extra money to put towards new purchases. Also, if you have a ton of things to get rid of, donate them to Good Will and you will be able to help someone in need! 

+Organize Accessories
I don't know about you but my accessories can get cluttered and unorganized very quickly. Between jewelry, bags and purses, shoes, scarves, etc. the little things can become a big mess! Accessories are one of the things you can display in a fun way throughout your room. Invest in a cute shoe rack, jewelry box or ornate hooks to hang things from! 

+Go Through Tee Shirts
Oh my gosh, I have so many T-shirts it is absolutely ridiculous. It seems like every time I do something they are giving them away and, also every time I go on a vacation I seem to think that I need to purchase one from a shop there... Don't get me wrong, I practically live in nike shorts and T-shirts during the summer, but having over two drawers filled with them is not necessary. Do you really need that tiny shirt you got from volunteering at some event during middle school? Most likely not. When in doubt, throw it out! 

+Do Something For You 
Spring cleaning does not always have to be correlated with cleaning the house. Summer is just around the corner, maybe start to eat cleaner foods or workout a few times a week. You will thank yourself! 

How do you do Spring cleaning?

Preppy by the Sea 

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