May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday! We all made it through another week, and what's more rewarding than knowing you are entering a long weekend? Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends all year. My family and I always go to the Cape for the first time since the fall and it always is such a teaser for summer. I am crossing my fingers that the wearer cooperates and I can go on a beach walk (or two), visit the ice cream shop and just relax! Today officially marks one month until we get out of school and I am counting down the days! Today's post is going to be short and sweet as I have a ton of tests that I need to be studying for, so let's get into my favorites from this week! 

One: Sunday
I typically have a love/hate relationship with Sunday, however last Sunday was fabulous. I spend both Saturday and Sunday babysitting, so I was able to get my homework done after I put the kids to bed. On Sunday I sat around reading one of my favorite magazines, Coastal Living, eating some yummy fresh fruit, and shooting outfit pictures. If you don't get Coastal Living, I highly suggest getting a subscription because who doesn't love to flip through adorable beach houses?

Two: Scarves
Typically, I do not wear scarves that often once the weather warms up, however I might be changing that! See scarves styled for warmer weather here and here!

Three: Florals
Now that it is officially Spring, flowers are in full bloom. Although my mom picked these up from the grocery store, the flowers in our garden have made an appearance and I am loving all the pretty colors!

Do you have any fun plans for the long weekend?


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Always enjoy your blog and Instagram. Have started shopping for myself and my daughter after seeing some of your posts about Old Navy. Have a lovely holiday weekend.

  2. Love your blog! I just started mine and would appreciate it so much if you would check it out!

  3. I love your blog! Wondering where you got those sunglasses and if you wouldn't mind checking out my blog!