February 13, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday- Be Mine?

I hope everyone knows what tomorrow is...VALENTINES DAY!  Whether you're a fan of this holiday, or would rather not admire the love in the air, it's an excuse to bake, eat candy, and best of all, wear pink!  Here are some fun DIY ideas that I found on Pinterest that are definitely worth a try!

Heart Shaped Cake
How awesome is this heart shaped cake; it looks so simple!  With your favorite homemade frosting, some pink food coloring and sprinkles, this cake could be a wonderful Valentine's day treat!

Heart Strawberry Candies
Ok, do these chocolate covered strawberries not look amazing?  I personally love strawberries, and chocolate makes everything better.  These fruity candies are so creative and festive; I definitely will be making these for a special treat tomorrow! Don't forget to refrigerate after making! 

Valentines Caterpillar 
These cute little heart caterpillars would be perfect to give to a little sibling, or better yet, help them make one. Just grab some pink paper and I guarantee it will be a super quick and fun project!  Consider it for a fun craft with the kids you babysit as well!  It looks so easy and cute, it's a must for tomorrow!

Style Guide
Found via The College Prepster on Pinterest

Finally, here are some last minute ideas for Valentines day style.  Tomorrow is your day to wear a ton of pink, so paint your nails bubblegum and put on that bright pink lipgloss!  Also, if you're in need of some last minutes gifts for your friends, think about a bottle of Essie in "Watermelon", a bright pink lipstick or gloss, or maybe even some cute yet still festive earrings like the ones pictured.

Did I help you love Valentines Day a little bit more?  It's your chance to be creative so... turn on the oven, pull out the crafting materials, and dig through your closet for that perfect Valentines accessory! 

Fun Fact: The first telephone was created on Valentines Day in 1876

Can you feel the love?

Preppy by the Sea

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