December 09, 2016

Friday Favorites

What a week. This has seriously been one of the longest weeks all year, I thought it was Thursday on Monday which pretty much sums it all up. We still have two more full weeks until we are on break, so it is definitely going to be a grind to get to Christmas. In someways December always seems to fly by as it is always such a crazy month, but it can also be a never ending stretch of weeks leading up to break. I am excited to have the weekend to relax, and next week my mom and I are going down to NYC for a quick trip to meet up with my dad who will be there on business. Needless to say I am beyond excited to see the city all decorated for Christmas!

One: Christmas Tree
We got our Christmas tree last weekend which officially has me in the Christmas mood. The house always feels so festive and cozy once all the lights and ornaments are on the tree. We typically get our tree on the later side, so it is really nice to have up a bit earlier in the month to start the festivities! 

Two: Skiing
Tonight my family is headed up to Vermont to kickstart the ski season! I am honestly in disbelief that it is already ski season and that it will be my last winter going up to Vermont with my family every weekend. I am so excited to get back on the slopes and enjoy the beautiful green mountains. 

Three: Clementines 
Oh my gosh the clementines have been to die for recently, I kid you not when I say I have not had a bad one all week! I have been sick for the past few weeks and am just starting to come out the other side, so having the extra vitamin C is always an added bonus :) 


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