December 08, 2016

My Christmas List

I love seeing what other people want for Christmas and you guys have seemed to like mine in the past, so I'm back with my 2016 Christmas List! Just a quick disclaimer, I am not expecting to get everything on this this list and do not want this to come of in the wrong way. This year there have not been a ton of things that I am dying to have so most of these items are practical things that I either ran out of or could see myself using all the time. What is on your Christmas list this year?

New Makeup // I would not conducer myself a big makeup person in any way, so I typically end up asking for a replacement of my favorite products each year for Christmas. Makeup is not something that I really like to spend my own money on, so it's always nice to have some of the necessities gifted to me. 

Lauren Graham's New Book // I just found out about Lauren Graham's new book, Talking as Fast as I Can and am really hoping that it ends up under the tree this year! In addition to binge watching Gilmore Girls over break, I would love to cozy up by the fire and crack open this book. 

Christmas Pajamas // Every year my sister and I get new pajamas on Christmas Eve after going to church. I am loving all of the plaid pj's from Gap's collaboration with Pendleton! 

Starbucks Gift Card // I go to Starbucks all the time for my caffeine fix and it is always nice to have a gift card to #treatyoself 

Spinning Shoes // Over the past two years, spinning has become one of my favorite workouts. I always wear my sneakers to the classes, however everyone says that spinning shoes are a game changer and make the workout so much better, so I think these would be a great gift! 

Tory Burch Riding Boots // I actually know that I am getting these for Christmas and am beyond excited! I have had my eyes on these boots for years and my current riding boots are very old and need to be replaced. There is absolutely no way I would have ever paid $500 for them, so on Cyber Monday when they were $300 off (crazy, right!?) I knew it was a sign that I should get them. These are boots that I know I will have for many years to come and I am so grateful that my parents got them for me.  

New Ray-bans // I purchased ray-bans the summer going into my freshman year and have had them ever since. I love my current pair, however they are not polarized which is very noticeable when driving or at the beach. These are definitely not at the top of my list, but just something I would like to buy myself before next summer. 

College Apparel // Now that I officially know where I will be attending college in the fall, I would love to stock up on some Elon apparel this Christmas! 


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