December 15, 2016

NYC Photo Recap

One of the greatest things about being a senior and going early decision is that by the time December rolls around majority of your stress is gone. Yes, I still have half of the year left before graduation and I need to keep my grades up and do well on exams, but I know where I am going to college and do not need to be as uptight about everything. So, in the true senior spirit I skipped school on Tuesday to go down to New York City with my mom. My dad is in New York almost every week for business, so we hopped on the train monday night with him and stayed at his hotel for the night. Going to the city at Christmas time has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now (crossed it off my 101 in 1001!) and I was so excited I could squeeze in a quick trip during this crazy time of year! 

On Tuesday morning my mom and I started the day off with breakfast at Dean and Deluca. We don't have them in Boston, so it is always a must when I am in NYC or DC! Then we went to Bryant Park where they have the cutest little Christmas market set up with shops, lots of food, and a skating rink. When I was little we went to the top of the rock and the pictures were so pretty so we decided kind of spur of the moment to do it again. Although it's an extremely touristy thing to do, the views are so worth it! It was so nice to be there on a Tuesday morning because the city wasn't overly crowded with people there to see all of the festive decorations. After lunch we did a little bit of Christmas shopping on 5th avenue. How adorable is the Cartier store!? This trip was definitely a whirlwind 24 hours but I am so glad that I got to have a nice night in the city with my parents and a fun day exploring with my mom! have you been to New York recently? 


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