December 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week I have been enjoying pure relaxation, something that I have not really had in an extremely long time. The beginning of the week was spent with my family celebrating Christmas and then we headed up to Vermont to go skiing for the rest of vacation. Needless to say, I have eaten a ton of delicious food, spent ample amount of time in my pajamas, and have had a bunch of great days on the slopes! 

One: Christmas
I do not think there is any day of the year more magical than Christmas. We had the perfect morning lounging around the Christmas tree opening presents, drinking coffee, and eating cinnamon buns. How adorable is this wrapping paper that my mom picked up from target!?

Two: Montreal
On Wednesday, my mom, my friend, her mom, and I all drove up to Montreal for the day. I have been to Quebec and Vancouver, so it was really fun to visit a different Canadian city and compare it to previous trips. We went to the Jean-Talon market for a quick bite to eat after our drive and then headed over to the old part of the city. Old Montreal is extremely quaint and looks very European- all of the French adds additional character. The Notre-Dame Basilica is stunning and the little shops and restaurants lining the cobblestone streets are perfect. We ended our day with lots of fondue at Chez Suzette before driving back to Vermont.  

Three: Skiing
We have been in Vermont skiing since the day after Christmas and it has been a blast! We are up every weekend in the winter, however this break is always my favorite as all of my mom's college friends and their kids are here and it makes every day so much fun. Yesterday there was a huge snow storm so I am looking forward to some fun adventures in the woods tomorrow! 


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