November 27, 2016


Today I turn eighteen. It's weird to think that I am now considered an "adult" and can technically make my all of own decisions, yet I am still in high school living with my parents. There are a lot of new freedoms that come with turning 18 like being able to vote, or getting a credit card, however right now I am battling a never ending cold and having the ability to buy myself DayQuil seems to be a major plus to turning 18 #thelittlethings. Anyways, on a more serious note it's weird to look back on the past 18 years as my childhood and from here on out I guess is the beginning of adulthood, whatever that may be :) I have made my way through most of high school, got my drivers license, had my first job, and survived college applications. However, this year is going to be a pivotal one. I will graduate high school, move out of my childhood home, and go off to college where everything will be different. I have a feeling that eighteen is going to be an exciting year filled with lots of new adventures and opportunities. Here's to the year ahead! 


Preppy by the Sea

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