November 07, 2016

First Term Recap

Last Friday marked the end of the first term of my senior year. We had a ton of long term assignments due last week, hence why I was a bit MIA on the blog. It's hard to believe that I am 1/4 done with my last year of high school. Because I am the oldest in my family, I did not really have any idea as to what "senior fall" would be like. So, today I am going to share my experience over the past three months of school.

All of high school I have heard people go on and on about how miserable junior year is, but none really talks about the challenges that arise during senior year. When I arrived at school in September, everyone was so excited to be seniors and about the year ahead. However, by week two I was in for a major reality shock. As a senior you not only have to balance rigorous courses, sports, clubs, and a social life, but you are in the midst of one of the most stressful processes, applying to college.

I started my college applications over the summer (highly recommend) which was incredibly helpful in reducing my stress level this term. However, even if majority of your applications are completed, there are still a ton of things that need to be sorted out at school. I honestly was in my counselors office everyday for the first few weeks of school making sure all of my recommendations were set, signing record release forms, and sending test scores. Now that first term is over and almost all of my applications have been submitted, I feel such a sense of relief. Although it will be stressful waiting to hear back from schools, I can't explain how much weight is lifted off of my shoulders now that everything is out of my hands... I know it sounds crazy!

Though most of this past term was consumed by all things college, my friends and I have been going to so many events at my school which has made this year the best year (so far)! We spent the entire day at school for homecoming watching the games and working various tables for clubs and sports, followed by our last homecoming dance. Additionally, our soccer teams have been doing super well again this year, so we have gone to a ton of their games! My cross country season ended this Saturday, but the season as a whole went very well and I was so happy to set my 5K PR in my last season!

Senior year has also pushed me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Last week, my friends and I spontaneously signed up for the lip sync. If you told me I would do that last year I would have told you that you were insane, but it ended up being so much fun. We did it to All I Want for Christmas is You and dressed up in all things Christmassy. We tied for third place so I would consider it a success seeing as we started practicing the day before :)

As a whole the first quarter of senior year was hectic, but I wouldn't change it. I'm only a fourth of the way into the year, so I can't offer a ton of insightful information about senior year but I hope this helped to set some expectations for those who have yet to go through it. This next quarter is going to be a big one, I turn 18 and might know where I am going to college... fingers crossed everything works out!


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