November 10, 2016

Make the Most of Your Day Off

Do you ever just have a rough couple of weeks and then finally everything changes for the better? As I said in my first term recap, this fall has been extremely hectic, however this week has been a breeze and it has been so rewarding. We had tuesday off for the election since my school is a voting precinct, and tomorrow we have off for Veterans day, making this a lovely three day week. Although it is nice to sleep in and just lounge around the house all day, I have been trying to make the most of my days off. Having a productive morning truly refreshes you, and then allows for more enjoyable afternoons and evenings. Over the past few days, I have found a few things that are great to get done on a day off or on a weekend to feel better about your day. 

Clean Closet // With my birthday and Christmas just around the corner, I have been cleaning out my closet to make room for some new winter items. I absolutely hate having a super small closet, however I guess it is kind of a blessing in disguise as it controls my shopping habits. Earlier this week I brought a few trash bags up to my room and made piles of everything I want to donate, and then a separate pile for things to list on postmark or eBay. Having a closet full of clothes you will actually wear streamlines the process of getting dressed in the morning or getting ready for an event, and who doesn't love to have a little extra time to sleep?

Organize Desk // I have a difficult time focusing and being productive when my desk is covered in clutter and unorganized. By the end of a week, papers start to pile up and miscellaneous items get shoved into cabinets which is never good. If you just take 15-20 minutes of your day off to clean off your desk and reorganize the drawers, going back to school or work will seem so much nicer the next day. 

Make Plans With Friends // On tuesday afternoon, my friends and I took the boat into Boston and grabbed dinner together. Although it did not take up the entire day, the change of scenery and getting into the city made the day off feel a little bit more exciting! 

Morning Workout // There is really no better feeling than starting your morning out with a good workout. If you know you have the day off, try and go to a morning class to jumpstart your day. Treat yourself to some extra sleep and sign up for something a little later than your weekday 5 am class. 

Go to a Coffee Shop // Even though you have the day off, you can still use the time to get ahead on assignments. Go to a local coffee shop with a friend and chat for a little bit, but then both agree to motivate each other to work. Placing yourself in a different environment will make the task seem more manageable, plus a little caffeine never hurts, right? If you can crank out some work in a few hours you will thank yourself later when you can relax after a long day.


Preppy by the Sea


  1. I just cleaned out my closet when I had a little time this past Sunday. It made me feel so refreshed!

    Ashley //

  2. the workout class is key for me!
    xo, Hannah

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